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About Us

Professional Tire Services - Boss Tires

Tire Brands

At Boss Tires, we stock an extensive selection of passenger, performance, light truck and SUV tires for virtually every make and model on the road today.

Stylish & High Quality Rims

Made by one of the best tire brands, our all-season tires are built to serve many different purposes. Ideal for family cars, minivans, and small crossovers. Boss Tires Aluminum Rims are durable and sustainable in all weathers. 

World Class Quality with lowest price in the neighbourhood.

You can feel secure and no burden on your bank card when you change the tires in our workshop. We compete strictly with Canadian Standards but also beat market prices up to 45%

Our Services

tire changing.jpg

Tire Changeover

  • Tire Inspection

  • Tire Balancing 

  • Tire Pressure Check

Starting From:


tire balancing.jpg

Tire Rebalancing

  • Machine: DST-64T DataWand

  • Balance your tires for a comfortable ride

Starting From:


tire installation.jpg

Tire Bolt On

  • Tire Inspection

  • Tire pressure check

Starting From:



Window Tints

  • 5%

  • 20%

  • 35%

  • 50%

  • 70%

Starting From:


tire patching.jpg

Tire Repair

  • Plug service

  • Patch service

Starting From:



Caliper Painting (All Four)

  • Price is for common colours; red, yellow, black and silver. 

  • Please contact for custom colours

  • Include the brake rotor and drum area for $250

Starting From:


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